ASSU Undergraduate Research Conference

A Message from the ASSU: “The Arts & Science Students’ Union (ASSU), in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts & Science, is hosting our first Undergraduate Research Conference on January 19, 2018. Our primary goal is to provide space and opportunity for interdisciplinary dialogue across humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and the quantitative sciences (CS, Statistics, Mathematics).

The call for abstracts is now open to any undergraduate students currently enrolled in an Arts & Science POSt. We encourage applications from all our programs. This is an excellent opportunity for students in programs to be able to present their work, meet peers and professors, and learn about what they’re doing. A space full of bright, engaged students is a wonderful sight to behold — serendipity will lead to good things, no doubt.”

For more information, see:

CUMC Delegate Application

Are you interested in representing the University of Toronto this summer at the Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference taking place July 19th-23rd in Montreal?

The Math Union will be funding a delegation to this year’s conference. Delegates will be required to present a 20 minute talk on a mathematical topic. If you are interested in applying for a spot, please send the following to the math union email (

-a 1-2 page outline of a talk you would like to give, which begins with the ~100 word abstract you will submit to the CUMC.
-a short cover letter containing your subject POSt, year of study, utoronto email, name, and phone number.

In addition, interested students should fill out the CUMC Funding Release Form ( and submit it along with a copy of their transcript (a printout from Acorn is okay) to Sonja at the main office (BA6290).

The application deadline is 11:59pm on Friday, June 2nd.

For information about the CUMC, visit

MU Elections

Are you passionate about the mathematics community and want to take on a challenging leadership role representing thousands of undergraduate students in U of T?
If you answered yes to that question, then I invite you to run for one of the 6 executive positions for the Math Union of 2017-2018!
(To be eligible to run, you must be enrolled in a math course next year)
Here are the executive positions:
1. President
2. Secretary
3. Treasurer
4. VP of Communications
5. VP of Academics
6. VP of Social
Please read about each role and other important information outlined in the math union constitution located on our website:

To apply, submit a paragraph about yourself, which position you would like to run for, and why you think you are fit for the position to the math union email address: by Friday March 10th 2017. Be sure to include your program and year.
Elections will be held at the end of March with further details announced after all applications have been submitted.

CMS Student Committee Opportunities

From the department!
The Student Committee of the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS Studc) is looking for enthusiastic, hard-working students interested in joining the committee.
In particular, we are looking for a chair, editor-in-chief (for *Notes from the Margin*) and general members, for two-year terms. Suitable bilingual applicants shall be given preference.
Joining Studc is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the Canadian mathematics community. More information about the committee’s activities can be found on our website and through social media (Facebook , Twitter
, and Instagram
). If you have any questions about the committee, its activities, or member responsibilities, please do not hesitate to contact Aaron Berk and Aram Dermenjian (, the current Studc chairs.
Applications to the committee are due by 15 April 2017.
All applicants must complete this form:
Applicants to the position of chair must complete this form in addition to the previous form:
Successful applicants will be notified by 8 May 2017.
Aaron Berk and Aram Dermenjian
Chairs, CMS Studc
Canadian Mathematical Society Student Committee (CMS Studc)
Website: CMS Studc
Facebook: CMS Studc
Twitter: @studcCMS
Instagram: StudcCMS
Issuu: CMS Studc
- – - – -
***** S’il-vous-plaît distribuez ce message à vos étudiants du
de la maîtrise, et du doctorat *****
***** On s’excuse pour aucun envoi multiple *****
Le Comité étudiant.e de la Société mathématique du Canada (Studc SMC) est à
la recherche d’étudiant.e.s dynamiques, intéressés à joindre le comité.
Plus précisément, nous recherchons des candidat.e.s pour le poste de
co-président.e, éditeur/éditrice en chef (pour *Notes from the Margin*) et
des membres généraux. Les postes sont offerts pour un mandat de deux ans.
On donnera la préférence aux applicant.e.s bilingues qualifié.e.s.
Joindre Studc est l’occasion parfaite de contribuer à la communauté
mathématique du Canada. Plus d’informations sur les activités du comité
étudiant peuvent être trouvées sur notre site web
et sur les réseaux sociaux (Facebook ,
Twitter , and Instagram
). Si vous avez des questions sur le
comité, ses activités ou les responsabilités de ses membres, veuillez
contacter Aaron Berk et Aram Dermenjian (, les
présidents actuels de Studc.
Les candidatures doivent être envoyées au comité au plus tard le 15 avril
Tous les candidat(e)s doivent compléter ce formulaire:
Les candidat(e)s au poste de coprésident.e doivent compléter ce
formulaire ainsi
que le formulaire précédent:
Les candidat.e.s sélectionné.e.s seront informé.e.s avant le 8 mai 2017.
Aaron Berk et Aram Dermenjian
Présidents, Studc SMC
Le comité étudiant de la société mathématique du Canada (Studc SMC)
Facebook: CMS Studc
Site web: CMS Studc
Twitter: @studcCMS
Instagram: StudcCMS
Issuu: CMS Studc

CUMC Award of Excellence

The next Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (*CUMC*
) will be hosted by the University of Montréal,
McGill University, Concordia University and the Université de Québec à
Montréal in *Montréal* on July 19–23. The Canadian Mathematical Society’s
Student Committee (CMS Studc) is inviting undergraduate math students to
apply for the CUMC Award for Excellence.‬‬

This award is valued at $500 and is given to an outstanding student for the
purpose of participating in CUMC. You can find more information and
application requirements in the informational pamphlet

The application deadline is March 31, 2017. Applications should be sent to
Aaron Berk and Aram Dermenjian (‬‬


*Canadian Mathematical Society Student Committee (CMS Studc)‬‬*‬

Facebook: CMS Studc ‬
Twitter: @studcCMS ‬
Google Plus: CMS Studc

Issuu: CMS Studc ‬

— — — — —‬‬

***** Veuillez distribuer ce message à vos étudiants du baccalauréat *****‬‬
***** Nous nous excusons pour tout envoi multiple *****‬

Le prochain Congrès Canadien des Étudiant.e.s en Mathématiques (*CCÉM*
) sera organisé par l’Université de Montréal,
l’Université de McGill, l’Université de Québec à Montréal et l’Université
Concordia, à Montréal, du 19 au 23 juillet. Le comité étudiant.e de la
Société mathématique du Canada (Studc CMS) invite les étudiant.e.s en
mathématiques du premier cycle à déposer leur candidature pour la Bourse d’
excellence du CCÉM.‬‬

La bourse d’une valeur de 500$ est remise à un.e étudiant.e exceptionnel.le
afin de lui permettre de participer au CCÉM. Pour toutes les informations,
consultez la page:‬‬‬

La date limite pour soumettre votre candidature est le 31 mars. Veuillez
envoyer votre candidature à Aaron Berk et Aram Dermenjian (‬‬


Le comité étudiant.e de la société mathématique du Canada (CMS Studc)‬‬‬

Facebook: CMS Studc ‬
Twitter: @studcCMS ‬
Google Plus: CMS Studc

Issuu: CMS Studc ‬

Networking Opportunity with Bank Directors!

Dear Students,
Here is a chance to talk one on one with two of our Bank Directors who will be attending this session.
Graduate Lounge
6th Floor the Bahen Building
40 St. George Street

Only students who register in advance may attend
Sign Up by noon today, Monday February 27, 2017
Doodle Link:
Come along and take your resume and cover letter.
This is not a resume feedback session but if there are few mentees present you may get a chance to ask personal resume questions.
If not, you can leave the resume and cover letter with me and I will mail it out to them at a later date so that they can provide feedback!

Prepare your own need to know question list but each table will be furnished with suggested questions.
Refreshments become available
We will start gathering at 5:30 for refreshments and then the official launch takes place at 6:00.
Mentorship switches
You will have 10 minutes to talk with each mentor a switch will take place after each ten-minute slot and by 7:15p.m. we will wrap up the session.

Some of these mentors are also hiring managers, so you may want to make a good impression please dress Business Casual or semi-formal.

MU Hoodies are back.

Do you want an “It’s trivial” hoodie? If the answer is yes, well you’re in luck because it’s back by popular demand. Bring $25 dollars (cash or a cheque made out to “U of T Mathematics Union”), a size, and a colour preference to the Undergraduate Lounge (BA6202) at one of the times listed below, and place your order with a math union representative. We will take your name, which you should have on a piece of photo ID so that you can pick up your order from us later. We have one sample, if you want to see what they look like in person.

Times: (Week of October 31-November 4)
Monday 11-1, 3-5
Tuesday 11-1, 2-4
Wednesday 10-3
Thursday 10-5
Friday 11-1

Orders are estimated to arrive near the end of November at which time pick up times will be released.

We need to make a minimum of 50 orders. They will be Gildan g185 unisex hoodies. Colour options are maroon, black or navy. The print will be white.

Design creds go to Sara Tang circa 2014.

Math Union Presents: Three CUMC Talks!

This past summer, the University of Toronto’s department of mathematics and the Math Union sent a delegation of undergraduates to the Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference. Our students gave some of the best talks at this year’s conference and some of them are here to reprise their talks for you. If you’re interested in seeing what math students were up to this summer or if you’re interested in potentially coming to the CUMC next year, then come listen. Show your support for your fellow undergrads and learn something along the way.

Why Some Sequences are More Special than Others
by Calder Morton-Ferguson

The Chromatic Number of the Plane and the Axiom of Choice
by Angela Wu

Sphere Packing and the Baffling Properties of the E_8 and Leech Lattices
by Zachary Karry

These are fun and accessible talks — and as always, food will be provided!