CUMC 2013

The CUMC is an annual conference for undergraduate students interested in mathematics. Asides from being an opportunity to meet aspiring and established mathematicians from across Canada, it’s a great way to learn awesome new math, and an excellent place to present a talk. The Math Union is putting together a dream-team of motivated undergraduates to represent U of T at this year’s conference in Montréal.

Thanks for participating! Application is now closed.

MUMS Posters

The following are talk posters for the second semester of MUMS talks.

What is MUMS

MUMS is a series of math talks given by undergraduate students at the University of Toronto. Talk topics and styles vary significantly, but all interested students are encouraged to present.

Natural Log-istics

Organizers: Anne Dranovski, Matt Sourisseau.



Structure: To present, please email the organizers with your full name, talk title, and a 2-3 paragraph abstract giving the mathematical layman an idea of what kinds of things you’ll be talking about, and where these things fit into other areas of math or science.

Talk and blog

You can now give your talk online in the form of a blog post. This can be in addition to a real life presentation or standalone. Of course, we would prefer both: if you are giving a talk, blog about it! and if you are “giving a blog”, talk about it!  In case you choose to talk and not blog, we will elect a scribe who will be responsible for taking thorough notes on your talk, latexing them, and posting them here.

Houston, we have liftoff.

MU’s website has finally launched, and the MUMS blog has come along for the ride. May they remain forever in orbit.

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