Putnam Orientation

Dear students,

Are you interested in math competitions? Do you like free pizza?

Each December, UofT takes part in the William Lowel Putnam Mathematics Competition. Many Toronto students have performed very well in past years. Join them! We will have an orientation session on Friday, open to all, with free pizza, followed by a practice test.
WHAT: Putnam orientation + free pizza + practice test
WHEN: Friday, September 15, 4-6pm
For more details, see http://www.math.toronto.edu/beni/putnam/index.html

If you may be attending, or are interested, or may want to write the competition, please register at http://uoft.me/putnam-register

If you are interested, but cannot make it, please email Bernardo (beni@math.toronto.edu) or Alfonso (alfonso@math.toronto.edu)

See you there!

ASSU Undergraduate Research Conference

A Message from the ASSU: “The Arts & Science Students’ Union (ASSU), in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts & Science, is hosting our first Undergraduate Research Conference on January 19, 2018. Our primary goal is to provide space and opportunity for interdisciplinary dialogue across humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and the quantitative sciences (CS, Statistics, Mathematics).

The call for abstracts is now open to any undergraduate students currently enrolled in an Arts & Science POSt. We encourage applications from all our programs. This is an excellent opportunity for students in programs to be able to present their work, meet peers and professors, and learn about what they’re doing. A space full of bright, engaged students is a wonderful sight to behold — serendipity will lead to good things, no doubt.”

For more information, see: www.assu.ca/urc2018