Hi all, we hope you are holding up okay at home. Due to the circumstances, we’ve decided to postpone elections for the 2020-2021 Math Union Executive until the start of the new academic year. In the meantime, for the summer term and until the elections are run, we’re appointing an Interim Executive. Your two Interim Executives are Curtis Grant and Martin Shoosterman.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to email us at mu@math.toronto.edu. Stay strong and healthy everyone!


Hi all, due to current events, we will be cancelling our events for the remainder of the semester. This tentatively includes elections for the Math Union executive for 2020-2021; we are waiting for word from the Arts & Science Student Union to give final word on how we will proceed with elections.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to email us at mu@math.toronto.edu. Stay safe!

Hoodies available for pickup

Math Union Hoodies are available for pickup tomorrow (Monday, April 8th) from 1:30-4:30 pm in the math undergrad lounge. More times for pick up will be announced tomorrow night.

You must bring your t-card in order to pick up your hoodie. See you tomorrow!

MU Hoodies

MU Hoodies are here!!

Hoodies are $25 each. Payment must be made in CASH only (exact change preferred). To order, first fill out the online order form, and then bring the $$ to the Bahen 6th floor Undergrad lounge over the next two weeks. A list of times of when you can pay for your hoodie will be posted over the weekend.



Thank you to Lola Bradford and Arthur Qiu for helping with the design!!

If you have any questions/concerns, please email me at rebecca.moranis@mail.utoronto.ca

Math Union Officers 2018-2019

Please welcome our Math Union officers for the 2018-2019 year!!
  • Alex Karapetyan
  • Amalrose Vayalinkal
  • David Cui
  • Genevieve Beauregard
  • Jacob Kelly
  • Janelle Hu
  • Annie Collins
  • Harry Zhu
  • Ida Liu
  • Sophie Kapsales
  • Martin Shoosterman
  • Rachel Berger-Viflanzoff
  • Vivian He
  • Yan Li

Call for Hoodie Designs

The Math Union is looking for a new design for our hoodies. Please submit your design to mu@math.utoronto.ca by Sunday, September 30th at 11:59 PM. The winner will receive a free hoodie. Get creative!

Designs should include the words “U of T Mathematics”. Feel free to email if you have any questions! Here is the design we have used in the past:

Stay tuned for hoodie order forms in the next few weeks!

Math Union Officers: Applications Open

The Math Union is looking for students to fill officer positions. If you are interested in getting involved with the Math Union, please email an application to mu@math.utoronto.ca with subject line Officer Application, and the following data:

Your name, your year of study, what position(s) you’d like to apply for, a brief blurb (2 or 3 sentences max!) about why you’re interested, and your favorite math fact or theorem.

We’d love to have you guys!

The various positions are as follows (roles may be a little outdated):

-Communications Officers: should be students who are interested in exploring ways the Math Union can better connect with students — they should be comfortable composing a well-crafted email and making effective posts on social media. Although not a requirement, any experience in web design or WordPress is also an asset.

-Academic Officers: As an academic officer, you will participate in the planning of academic talks and other academic events which may include room booking, contacting professors, and assisting with the purchase and distribution of refreshments during events. Skills required are reliability, good communication skills, and knowledge of good food places.

-Social Officers: We’re looking for individuals who are motivated, adventurous, creative… and above all, interested in event planning.
Types of events including: Semi-formals, fundraisers, career development workshops, inter-disciplinary panels and etc. Previous experience is not necessary. Include any relevant skills or experience (such as photography, musical talents) in application. A very flexible 1-2 hr /week, on average.

-Designers: Our designer would like some help creating all our beautiful posters and banners. Experience isn’t necessary, but Adobe Illustrator is a huge plus!

Putnam Mathematics Competition

Are you the new star of the UofT Math team? Are you just curious about math competitions? Do you want free pizza?

Last year, our team placed 4th in the Putnam Mathematics Competition. Each team member earned $1,000 and bragging rights over poor Waterloo. This year, we are looking for new team members to replace our graduated stars.

Come to our orientation (with free pizza!)
Day: Friday, September 14th
Time: 5-7pm
Location: MP 102
There will be a brief introduction to the competition, and then we will have a practice test. We will use the test results to select the UofT team.

Regardless of how you do in the practice test, or even if you do not write it, you are welcome to come to our weekly open training sessions, and to write the competition in December.

More information at http://uoft.me/putnam-math
If interested, please register at http://uoft.me/putnam-register (even if you do not end up writing)

Alfonso Gracia-Saz and Bernardo Galvao-Sousa
The Putnam Coaches

CUMC 2018 Delegation Information

Are you interested in representing the University of Toronto this summer at the Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference taking place July 11th-15th in Saskatoon?

The Math Union will be funding a delegation to this year’s conference. Unfortunately, Saskatoon is a very expensive place to fly, but the department would still like to send up to 10 people. This means that it is likely the case that individuals chosen to be funded will still have to pay some of the cost of the flight (with registration and accommodation fully covered). Based on current approximations this could be anywhere from 400 to 0 dollars, but the Math Union will work hard to get this cost as low as possible.

Delegates will be required to present a 20 minute talk on a mathematical topic.

If you are interested in applying for a spot, please complete the following instructions:

By June 1st (So that we can get a sense of interest)
- Submit a short cover letter containing your subject POSt, year of study, utoronto email, name, and phone number to the math union email (mu@math.utoronto.ca).

By June 5th
- Submit a 1-2 page outline of a talk you would like to give, which begins with the approximately 100 word abstract you will submit to the CUMC to the math union email, and attach the cover letter you wrote previously.
- Fill in the CUMC Funding Release Form (https://mu.math.toronto.edu/…/2018/05/CUMC_Funding_Form_201…) and submit it along with a copy of your transcript (a printout from Acorn is okay) to Sonja at the main office (BA6290)

If you would like to apply but would be uninterested in attending unless the cost is sufficiently low, that is fine.

For more information on the CUMC, please visit http://cumc.math.ca/2017/.