Christian Ketterer: Synthetic curvature bounds – A friendly introduction

Hi everyone! We will be having our first talk of the semester on Tuesday, January 28th, 2019 at 4:10pm. A post doc Christian Ketterer will be speaking.

Details of the room will be announced shortly!

Title: Synthetic curvature bounds – A friendly introduction

Abstract: In this talk I will explain the concepts of synthetic sectional curvature bounds and synthetic lower Ricci bounds and the ideas behind them. Synthetic lower Ricci bounds originated in the last 20 years from the encounter of several mathematical fields, including Riemannian Geometry, Optimal Transport and Information Theory. I will briefly describe these fields and show how they mixed.

Graduate Applications Workshop – this Thursday

Hi everyone! Just a reminder that this Thursday, Jan 9, there will be a graduate applications workshop at 4pm in BA6183. For those of you who are applying to graduate schools now or are interested in applying in the future, this is a great opportunity to hear about the application process, what can be expected, and to ask specific questions to faculty and graduate students. Please fill out the (short!) RSVP form below if you are interested in attending – there is a space to ask specific questions in the form in advance!

The form:

Happy new year!