Networking Opportunity with Bank Directors!

Dear Students,
Here is a chance to talk one on one with two of our Bank Directors who will be attending this session.
Graduate Lounge
6th Floor the Bahen Building
40 St. George Street

Only students who register in advance may attend
Sign Up by noon today, Monday February 27, 2017
Doodle Link:
Come along and take your resume and cover letter.
This is not a resume feedback session but if there are few mentees present you may get a chance to ask personal resume questions.
If not, you can leave the resume and cover letter with me and I will mail it out to them at a later date so that they can provide feedback!

Prepare your own need to know question list but each table will be furnished with suggested questions.
Refreshments become available
We will start gathering at 5:30 for refreshments and then the official launch takes place at 6:00.
Mentorship switches
You will have 10 minutes to talk with each mentor a switch will take place after each ten-minute slot and by 7:15p.m. we will wrap up the session.

Some of these mentors are also hiring managers, so you may want to make a good impression please dress Business Casual or semi-formal.

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