Math Union Presents: Three CUMC Talks!

This past summer, the University of Toronto’s department of mathematics and the Math Union sent a delegation of undergraduates to the Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference. Our students gave some of the best talks at this year’s conference and some of them are here to reprise their talks for you. If you’re interested in seeing what math students were up to this summer or if you’re interested in potentially coming to the CUMC next year, then come listen. Show your support for your fellow undergrads and learn something along the way.

Why Some Sequences are More Special than Others
by Calder Morton-Ferguson

The Chromatic Number of the Plane and the Axiom of Choice
by Angela Wu

Sphere Packing and the Baffling Properties of the E_8 and Leech Lattices
by Zachary Karry

These are fun and accessible talks — and as always, food will be provided!

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