MUMS Talk February 14 – Paul Sacawa: “Universal Algebra using the language of Category Theory”

Hi everyone,

The next Mums talk will occur next Friday 14. It will be an introduction to the principles of universal algebra using categorical notions. In particular, we want to impress on the listener the importance of the notion of universal constructions in algebra. The beauty of universal algebra and category theory lies in their broad descriptive power, rather than in their depth.

Time: 5pm – 7pm, Friday February 14, 2014
Location: TBD (somewhere in BA, check Facebook for the update)
Speaker: Paul Sacawa
Title: Universal Algebra using the Language of Category Theory

Abstract: An introduction to universal algebra using the language of category theory. Cats, functors, universal constructions; omega-algebras, free objects, varieties, and the isomorphism theorems. We end by describing some universal constructions with easy descriptions in varietal categories.
Intended audience: It’s enough to know some basic algebra (which we use just as examples): group, normal subgroup, quotient group, ring, ideal, quotient ring. It would be nice to come in with the idea of categories in your head.

MUMS Talk January 24 – Paul Sacawa: “Computational Complexity and the Cook-Levin Theorem”

Hi everyone,

This talk already occurred. Here is the writeup. Notes from the available upon request (send me an email).

Time: 5pm – 7pm, Friday January 24
Location: BA 6183
Speaker: Paul Sacawa
Title: Computational Complexity and Cook-Levin Theorem

Abstract: An introduction to the modelling of computation, computability, connections to incompleteness in logic, time complexity of problems, completeness in the class NP, and a proof of the Cook-Levin theorem. We’ll end by discussing a modern approach to the famous P v. NP problem based in geometry if there’s time.
The whole talk will be very elementary.