Networking Opportunity with Bank Directors!

Dear Students,
Here is a chance to talk one on one with two of our Bank Directors who will be attending this session.
Graduate Lounge
6th Floor the Bahen Building
40 St. George Street

Only students who register in advance may attend
Sign Up by noon today, Monday February 27, 2017
Doodle Link:
Come along and take your resume and cover letter.
This is not a resume feedback session but if there are few mentees present you may get a chance to ask personal resume questions.
If not, you can leave the resume and cover letter with me and I will mail it out to them at a later date so that they can provide feedback!

Prepare your own need to know question list but each table will be furnished with suggested questions.
Refreshments become available
We will start gathering at 5:30 for refreshments and then the official launch takes place at 6:00.
Mentorship switches
You will have 10 minutes to talk with each mentor a switch will take place after each ten-minute slot and by 7:15p.m. we will wrap up the session.

Some of these mentors are also hiring managers, so you may want to make a good impression please dress Business Casual or semi-formal.

MU Presents: Deformations on Low Dimensional Topology

This talk will be given by Jaimal Thind. Food will be served at 4:30pm in the graduate lounge on the 6th floor of Bahen!

Imagine that the surfaces in the picture on this poster are made of a very stretchable rubber. Without cutting, tearing or puncturing the surfaces, can you start with the surface on the top and turn it into the surface below it? Would you like to know how it’s possible? If so, this talk is for you!

In this interactive talk we will introduce some ideas related to surfaces and their generalizations (called manifolds), mostly focussed on dimensions 2 and 3. We will introduce the notion of a manifold, equivalence of manifolds, and look at examples and constructions in low dimension. The audience will have the opportunity to use models to understand the solution to the above problem, and some others like it.

We will put an emphasis on developing geometric intuition, so the only pre-requisite demanded is an open imagination. (Familiarity with the notion of continuity and basic geometry will help.)

The Hallway Probelm

This talk will be given by Jason Siefken!

The hallway problem considers adjacent parallel hallways of unit width each with a single doorway (aligned with integer lattice points) of unit width. It then asks: what are the properties of lines that pass through each doorway? Configurations of doorways closely correspond to Sturmian words, and so properties of these configurations may be lifted to properties of Sturmian words. This talk will explore lines of sight, lines that pass through each doorway, for both the case for both a finite number of parallel hallways and an infinite number, and their consequences for Sturmian words. We then produce a metric on configurations with an infinite number of hallways that preserves the property of admitting a line of sight under limits.

Refreshments will be served at 4:30pm in the graduate lounge on the 6th floor of Bahen.

Math Union Presents: The Importance of Being Integral

Many practical optimization problems require integer solutions. For example, it doesn’t make sense to give 8.4 dimes in change, to assign 1.3 workers to a shift, or to produce 6.71 chairs. In this talk, we will explore a recently discovered method for attacking this type of optimization problem that uses tools originally developed to understand collections of polynomials. Along the way, we will see why our usual methods for solving optimization problems do not work when integer solutions are required, exchange coins with computational algebra, and explore connections between polynomials and geometry.

Refreshments will be served in the graduate lounge on the 6th floor of Bahen before the talk, at 4:30pm!

Find the event on Facebook here.

Knots and Graphs: Better Together

We will explore the areas of knot theory and graph theory, and then show how these two theories can be combined to prove a property of Jones Polunomial. In the end, we will discuss recent discoveries about what the underlying graph structure can tell us about a knot.

Refreshments will be served at 4:30 in the mathematics graduate lounge on the 6th floor of Bahen.

CUMC Award for Excellence

A message from the department!

The next Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference ( be hosted by the University of Montréal, McGill University, Concordia University and the Université de Québec à Montréalin *Montréal*on July 19–23. The Canadian Mathematical Society’s Student Committee (CMS Studc) is inviting undergraduate math students to apply for the CUMC Award for Excellence.‬‬

‬This award is valued at $500 and is given to an outstanding student for the purpose of participating in CUMC. You can find more information and application requirements in the informational pamphlet .‬‬

The application deadline is March 31, 2017. Applications should be sent to Aaron Berk and Aram Dermenjian ( ).‬‬

*Canadian Mathematical Society Student Committee (CMS Studc)‬‬* ‬
Facebook: CMS Studc ‬
Twitter: @studcCMS ‬
Google Plus: CMS Studc
Issuu: CMS Studc

MUGS VI: How many ways to the coffee house?

Join Dr. Brendan Kelly on Friday for the Math Union’s first MUGS Talk of the semester! Refreshments, as always, will be provided.

The ability to pose good questions is critical in the problem solving process. This talk will begin with a simple question that will frame a conversation on mathematics, education, and your college experience. The mathematical enterprise of digging deeper will send us down the rabbit hole as we investigate variations of the title question. We will explore the importance of asking good questions and techniques to empower students to ask good questions. The only prerequisite for this talk is an inquisitive mind and a willingness to actively participate.

Hoodies have arrived!

For those who ordered them, hoodies are available for pick up from the undergraduate lounge Monday or Tuesday 11 am – 6 pm.

Please bring a piece of photo ID and find the Math Union representative in the room to receive your order.

MU Hoodies are back.

Do you want an “It’s trivial” hoodie? If the answer is yes, well you’re in luck because it’s back by popular demand. Bring $25 dollars (cash or a cheque made out to “U of T Mathematics Union”), a size, and a colour preference to the Undergraduate Lounge (BA6202) at one of the times listed below, and place your order with a math union representative. We will take your name, which you should have on a piece of photo ID so that you can pick up your order from us later. We have one sample, if you want to see what they look like in person.

Times: (Week of October 31-November 4)
Monday 11-1, 3-5
Tuesday 11-1, 2-4
Wednesday 10-3
Thursday 10-5
Friday 11-1

Orders are estimated to arrive near the end of November at which time pick up times will be released.

We need to make a minimum of 50 orders. They will be Gildan g185 unisex hoodies. Colour options are maroon, black or navy. The print will be white.

Design creds go to Sara Tang circa 2014.