First years welcome social

The Math Union will be holding a casual social in the Undergraduate Specialist Lounge (BA6202) this Friday from 4:30 to 7:30 as a welcome event for first year mathematics students. There will be drinks and desserts served in the Mathematics Graduate Lounge at 5pm. Drop by BA6202 and meet fellow math students!

First MUMs talk of the year: History of Mathematics Education

Hello! Welcome back to the new school year!

Coming this Friday September 20th, we have a guest speaker, Mariya Boyko, a PhD student in History of Mathematics.

The MUMs talk will be at 5-6pm in BA6183.

Here is the abstract for the talk!!

The 1950s and 1960s were marked by education reforms in US and USSR. Those changes to the curriculum originated in a desire to connect mathematics education at all levels to what was happening in “modern” research mathematics. The reforms were very fortunate to enjoy vastly increased financial resources that were devoted to science education because of concerns arising in the Cold War, the “space race”, “arms race” and general public unrest. We will discuss the mathematics curriculum reforms promoted by professor of mathematics A. Kolmogorov in its intellectual, political and social context, explore Kolmogorov’s pedagogical innovations and trace the development of his ideas to the present day mathematics curriculum in Russia and the USA.

Mock CUMC Announcement

Hello everyone,

MUMs is proud to announce to host Mock CUMC!!

This event is in the spirit of upcoming CUMC.

Since not everyone can make it to CUMC for this year, the purpose of Mock CUMC is to have student speakers in CUMC from UofT to give a talk in the University of Toronto. Any Undergraduates in UofT are welcome!

For now, the schedule is the following:

  • Tuesday July 2nd, BA6180, 3-4pm: Samer Seraj
  • Friday July 5th, BA4010: Anne Dranovski at 1-2pm, Seonghyun (Daniel) Park at 2-3pm, and Matt Sourisseau at 3-4pm
  • Monday July 8th, BA4010: Christopher Mahadeo at 1-2pm, Changho Han at 2-3pm, and Dylan Butson at 3-4pm
  • Tuesday July 9th, BA6180, 3-4pm: Tomas Kojar

Talk topics and abstracts will be available soon.

Stay tuned~

CUMC 2013

The CUMC is an annual conference for undergraduate students interested in mathematics. Asides from being an opportunity to meet aspiring and established mathematicians from across Canada, it’s a great way to learn awesome new math, and an excellent place to present a talk. The Math Union is putting together a dream-team of motivated undergraduates to represent U of T at this year’s conference in Montréal.

Thanks for participating! Application is now closed.