Professor Candidate Talk: Tyler Kloefkorn

Tyler Kloefkorn, Thurs Jan 10, 4:30 – 6:00 BA6180
Title: Patterns in the Periodic Table of Finite Elements

Abstract: The finite element method is used to find numerical solutions to partial differential equations, with boundary conditions, on various domains discretized into simple geometric elements (e.g., simplicies and cubes). This method is applied in a variety of contexts, including animation, image processing, computational electromagnetism, atmospheric motion, and fluid mechanics. Often, finite element computations in these areas (and others) can be ad hoc. Accordingly, the Periodic Table of Finite Elements was recently constructed to summarize useful information for careful implementation of the finite element method. In this talk and with input from attendees, we will broadly describe the finite element method and the Periodic Table of Finite Elements, and we will look for interesting algebraic patterns found within the Table.

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