2015 Election Results

Congratulations to the 2015-16 MU Core:

President: Rachel C. Lo
Secretary: Adriano Pacifico
Treasurer: Robertson McClure
VP Communication: Annie Le
VP Academic: David V. Pechersky
VP Social: Yao Lu

s 84

Danny 28
Rachel 36
Ryan 14
Spoils 4

Robertson 45
Sadia 23
Spoil 1
As the academic year comes to an end, I’m happy to see a motivated new team ready to take charge. All administrative power will be transferred to them by the end of April. Here are some of the highlights of MU from 2014-15. We:

1. Sent 14 U of T delegates to CUMC with full funding from the department and ASSU.
2. Stabilized the private finances of MU for the near future through a book sale and sweater sale.
3. Vastly expanded our reach and increased attendance through outreach events and social media.
4. Hosted the 12-part Math Union Guest Speaker series of talks.
5. Co-hosted the 4-part Math and Computer Science mini-series of talks with UTG.
6. Held 5 joint games nights with 6 other course unions.
7. Held Fall, Winter and Spring Socials, the last joint with SSAS and ASC and with alumni.
8. Unanimously passed a new constitution.
9. Passed changes by serving on the math Undergraduate Committee.

That’s all folks!
Samer Seraj
MU President

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