First MUMs talk of the year: History of Mathematics Education

Hello! Welcome back to the new school year!

Coming this Friday September 20th, we have a guest speaker, Mariya Boyko, a PhD student in History of Mathematics.

The MUMs talk will be at 5-6pm in BA6183.

Here is the abstract for the talk!!

The 1950s and 1960s were marked by education reforms in US and USSR. Those changes to the curriculum originated in a desire to connect mathematics education at all levels to what was happening in “modern” research mathematics. The reforms were very fortunate to enjoy vastly increased financial resources that were devoted to science education because of concerns arising in the Cold War, the “space race”, “arms race” and general public unrest. We will discuss the mathematics curriculum reforms promoted by professor of mathematics A. Kolmogorov in its intellectual, political and social context, explore Kolmogorov’s pedagogical innovations and trace the development of his ideas to the present day mathematics curriculum in Russia and the USA.

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